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Professional 2020 template calendars are useful for business.  You can download 2020 template printable magic calendars. All of these 2020 calendar in HD Wallpaper use full for your home. These quality 2020 calendar with holiday & events date can be used for personal purposes. You can download and print very high-resolution images of schedule planner. 2020 Printable Calendars are in Excel PDF, format and all calendar printable files are blank & macro-free. Click to download 2020 template calendar with US Holidays in excel worksheet format. We will add the 2020 Wallpaper calendar, words versions soon, in excel you can download Calendar 2020 PDF’s.

2020 Calendars

2020 Calendar PDF
2020 Calendar PDF

12-month:-This Calendar style comes with individual large pages for every month and also a year. A large page snapshot makes it a lot easier to see all of 12 months and make your daily plan which you have needed. Printing a yearly calendar of whole months in a single page, give you enough space to add details to the dates such as events, reminders, and plans. This makes the template very useful or versatile as in all month in a single page. Some calendar page by month comes with holidays in red color. This feature allows you to know about the coming events and makes it special.

Calendar 2020
Calendar 2020

Blank Calendar: A blank 2020 yearly calendar is much useful for those who only want to schedule as a reference. Some people like a simple page planer. They don’t want to see more graphics and colors. Because the thing this is the cause of their distraction. In the blank calendar, you can edit a date which is very special for you and set a reminder on this date in blank calendar note sheet. In blank calendar many space for your daily work notes.

January Calendar: –You use this calendar for the first month of the year 2020. This first-month calendar is also showing the holidays of January 2020. Which you can use for planning the event before its date. Some templates come a blank part in their bottom. It is the best thing for you. You always see your reminder when you see the template.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Tuesday New Year’s Day 2019
4th Friday National Trivia Day
5th Saturday National Bird Day
6th Sunday Epiphany
7th Monday Orthodox Christmas
21st Monday Martin Luther King Jr.
26th Saturday Australia Day
January 2020 Calendar Printable
January 2020 Calendar Printable

February Calendar: February calendar is also seen in a single or double sheet. are you searching for calendar template 2020 for official meetings, school festivals or events? You do not need to searching more template, here we are going to present for you 2020 February printable calendar template for your daily use. The template calendar is used in anyways. such getting up in morning, evening and sleeping day to day work, important notes and work.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
2nd Saturday Groundhog Day
3rd Sunday Super Bowl
4th Monday World Cancer Day
5th Tuesday Chinese New Year
14th Thursday Valentine’s Day
18th Monday President’s Day
February 2020 Calendar Printable
February 2020 Calendar Printable

March Calendar: we have large collection of 2020 march calendars that are designed keeping in mind the request for different types of work. These calendar template can be stored in the mobile and desktop or devices. Here we give more space for your daily notes.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
3rd Sunday World Wildlife Day
5th Tuesday Mardi Gras
6th Wednesday Ash Wednesday
8th Friday International Women’s Day
10th Sunday Daylight Saving Begins
17th Sunday Saint Patrick’s Day
20th Wednesday Holi
22th Friday World Water Day
March 2020 Calendar Printable
March 2020 Calendar Printable

April Calendar: We can easily download printable April 2020 calendar it the calendar image in our smartphone even we can store easily in our mobiles. It is very easy to carry these calendar template image everywhere and anywhere because, in our modern generation, technology is the main part of our day to day in our work.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Monday April Fool’s Day
7th Sunday World Health Day
14th Sunday Palm Sunday
18th Thursday Holy Thursday
19th Friday Good Friday
20th Saturday Passover Start
21st Sunday Easter
22nd Monday Earth Day
26th Friday Arbor Day
April 2020 Calendar Printable
April 2020 Calendar Printable

May Calendar: There are many different varieties of a printable May 2020 calendar, printable monthly and weekly calendar.it is also helped to schedule reminder of our daily routine life. Whenever we are, we can use our personal and professional work schedules reminder, also we can celebrate all the festivals in our day to day life.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
6th Monday Ramadan Start
12th Sunday Mother’s Day
18th Saturday Armed Forces Day
27th Monday Memorial Day
30th Thursday Accession Day
May 2020 Calendar Printable
May 2020 Calendar Printable

June Calendar: The editable template calendar is very useful to everyone. It is one type of instructor about our work. When we have some business meetings, client meetings and other information and other meetings we don’t know when to schedule but if you have a blank calendar with notes in this way you can schedule by the dates wise.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
3rd Monday Ramadan End
4th Tuesday Eid Al Fitr
9th Sunday Pentecost
14th Friday Flag Day
16th Sunday Father’s Day
21th Friday Yoga Day
29th Saturday National Camera Day
June 2020 Calendar Printable
June 2020 Calendar Printable

July Calendar: July is more useful to business people because they have a number of meetings done in this month. They don’t have to plan by this way they can plan easily by using the template calendar. In the year 2020 calendar, we can plan our schedules reminder further future. In the calendar, we can put weekly targets of the company.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Monday Canada Day
4th Thursday Independence Day the USA
11th Thursday World Population Day
14th Sunday Bastille Day
18th Thursday Nelson Mandela Day
28th Sunday Parent’s Day
July 2020 Calendar Printable
July 2020 Calendar Printable

August Calendar: Print this one page 2020 printable template calendar and keep the year at a glance page format displayed in your home or work office to keep you work. We have the watercolor version of the template and a more plain black and white 2020 calendar template for your notes. Stay organized this year 2020 with our simple printable august 2020 calendar.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Thursday National Girlfriend Day
4th Sunday Friendship Day
9th Friday Hajj Start
10th Saturday Day of Arafat
11th Sunday Eid Al Adha
15th Thursday Assumption
26th Monday Women’s Equality Day
31st Saturday Islamic New Year
August 2020 Calendar Printable
August 2020 Calendar Printable

September calendar: September 2020 Monthly Printable has been specially designed in customizable format in which spaces are left which can be edited by the user for much work. Here you can use the blank space provided in the calendar 2020 to fill your schedules for office meetings, monthly office schedules, September outings/ weekends, etc.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
2nd Monday Labor Day
8th Sunday Grandparent’s Day
9th Monday Ashura
11th Wednesday Patriot Day
29th Sunday Rosh Hashana Start
September 2020 Calendar Printable
September 2020 Calendar Printable

October Calendar: The October 2020 Calendar Template is very useful for staying organized and can increase your work time. We have designed the calendar printable in a monthly format so you can download these images and take a printout of the printable calendar of the particular month.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Tuesday Rosh Hashana End
9th Wednesday Yom Kippur
13th Sunday Sukkot Start
14th Monday Columbus Day
31st Thursday Halloween
October 2020 Calendar Printable
October 2020 Calendar Printable

November Calendar: So here we are going to explain to you the daily situation, which will be most suitable to use the 2020 November Calendar. These November schedule planner can be used by people of all age groups, and help you achieve your all carrier goals for the year and practice time-management effectively.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Friday All Saints Day
11th Monday Veterans Day
20th Wednesday Universal Children’s Day
28th Thursday Thanksgiving Day
29th Friday Black Friday
November 2020 Calendar Printable
November 2020 Calendar Printable

December Calendar: Here we have also provided you with December 2020 Calendar with Holiday. We have provided with the list of holidays for 2020 December so you just need to click on the Holiday button to view all the holidays of the month at once.

December 2020 Calendar Printable
December 2020 Calendar Printable
Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Sunday World Aids Day
2nd Monday Cyber Monday
10th Tuesday Human Rights Day
22th Sunday Hanukkah Start
25th Wednesday Christmas
30th Monday Hanukkah End
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